From blog site to directory site

August 1, 2011

Blogging has become a way of life for many internet users. This is like a diary or a journal about people’s lives or about general stuff. Through it all WordPress has made blogging quite a wonderful experience. This open-source software has made the blogging experience easy to do and more fun without intimidating the user and this is especially useful for the inexperienced blogger. Now, though, they have an interesting plug-in that can even enhance your experience. This new feature is called the WordPress Directory Plugin.

Otherwise known as WordPress directory theme, this software makes your boring, unorganized or perhaps unused blogs into an information hub. A web directory basically means that your website or blog is an open source for many things and you have the links to get to those certain things. Unlike search engines, web directories have high-quality sites in it because each site submitted is being scrutinized by real people. It is then organized into categories and sub-categories.

This new plug-in has plenty of features in it. For those who want to make a new site, this plug-in can be very useful. It is very easy to use and the end result is a high-quality and unique website. You can customize each category into your own style and way and you can even link those categories to other social sites. Links being displayed in the directory are being previewed through images and the great thing is that you don’t have to look for the images themselves because the program will do it for you.



The program has been optimized to work with search engines like Yahoo and Google, the search engine giants. You can also set-up membership packages for your site and managing this will also be made easy for you. This great product has so many other features too. The bottom line is that you can now create beautiful and clean website without any hassle.

You ask then why bother with this plug-in. If you haven’t gotten the message from the previous paragraphs then to put it quite simply this can help your website or blog look better and more manageable. It is a content management system that basically organizes your messy blog and make more attractive to look at and this alone can bring many visitors to your website. Remember, the more visitors, the more popular you are.

So there you go, if you want to make a new website or perhaps revamp your boring old blog, then the WordPress Directory Plug-in is a great investment and soon you will be on your way to internet traffic and that is a good thing.